Image Access

Online access to your patients’ radiology images and reports

To access your patients images/reports for examinations performed at Taranaki Radiology you must have a Tarankai Radiology PACS account.

Access is restricted to health professionals only for the purposes of aiding and diagnosis and treatment.  These restrictions are in place to ensure privacy and safety of patients and referrers.


Recommended for GPs, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors

Taranaki Radiology provides referrers online access to images and reports which can be accessed via:

  • PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet devices
  • No software to install
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Notifications can be configured to alert the referrer of reports as they are verified
  • ‘Break Glass’ function for self-service access to patient imaging studies for which you are not the primary referrer


Recommended for Specialists requiring advanced imaging tools

Offers comprehensive tools for working with images

Ability to export studies as JPEG or DICOM

If you are new to InteleViewer:

  • Download and install InteleViewer software for Windows or MAC operating systems
  • To get access to our server, when you first activate the InteleViewer icon on your desktop, go to ‘edit bookmarks’, click ‘add’, and enter
  • Protect the bookmark, and add ‘Taranaki Radiology PACS’ as the custom server name.

Support – Installation Instructions
If you require assistance with installation please download the instructions for MAC or PC operating systems.

If you already have InteleViewer installed on your PC:

  • you just need to add the web bookmark